BACKDOOR PIPELINE Raw Session: LARRY HAYNES Swimming and Filming Friends

North Shore, Oahu.  December 14, 2015, Pipeline and Backdoor with the late, great Larry Haynes swimming around shooting his friends- the surfers.  Kelly Slater, Kai Garcia, Michel Bourez, Peter King, Ross Williams, Strider Wasilewski, Mark Cunningham, Kieren Perrow and others out surfing on a small-medium size day at Backdoor and Pipeline.  This is a quick raw edit, just getting this out for friends and family of Larry to see.  RED camera does not have an onboard mic so we put some basic music.  Larry was one of the boys and he was loved by all.  

Sincere condolences to Larry's many friends and his loving family.  Larry Haynes was one of the all time great water cinematographers and his positive energy is missed by all.  Larry Haynes (1961-2023)

We are humbled to be taking care of Larry's archive.

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