The eo SwimBETTER marks a game-changing moment for the sport

Improving your paddling technique for surfing involves a combination of factors. Focus on using proper arm technique by extending your arms forward, catching the water with a cupped hand, and maintaining a steady rhythm. 

eo SwimBETTER is an electronic wearable device that accurately quantifies your swimming technique right on the pool deck. As the fastest way to improve your swim is to improve your technique, eo SwimBETTER marks a game-changing moment for the sport.

Photo: eo/ Daniel Vazquez

The first product eo launched to market brings a revolutionary new approach to swim training and coaching. eo SwimBETTER offers a game-changing ability to measure the applied force of your hands as they pull through the water in six directions. The resulting data insights offer coaches and swimmers unprecedented swim analysis, resulting in stroke improvements for athletes at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner trying to master your stroke, or an elite competitor looking for an edge on your competition, eo SwimBETTER can help you achieve your goals. And it’s backed by some of the best in the business, including two-time ITU World Champion Vincent Luis (pictured) and Olympic 100m Freestyle Gold Medallist, Kyle Chalmers.

Unique information

Things start with two handsets that fit in the palm of your hands. The handsets track lots of metrics that you can get from a sophisticated sports watch – distance, time, number of strokes, your stroke rate and distance per stroke, for example – but more importantly, they also capture unique information that is critical to analysing your swim, including your stroke consistency, stroke path and hand velocity, the force you generate and where that force is being applied.

Those last metrics can make a huge difference when it comes to improving your swim technique. Swimming fast doesn’t always require more power. (Think about those 10-year-old age groupers who fly by you in the pool – you can certainly bench press way more than they can, right?). What you want to ensure is that the power you are generating is pushing towards your feet to propel you down the pool, instead out to the sides where it’s wasted. The information you can glean from eo SwimBETTER allows you to analyze your swim stroke and refine your technique right on the pool deck via the eo app. You can witness the effect of every tweak to figure out immediately what changes are improving your speed and efficiency.

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