Nazare, Dancing with Monsters


Out of all the spots i have documented Nazare is most scary to film but at the same time it can be so rewarding. From the beginning on my first visit back in 2016 i was set up on the hill. There is a million spots to shoot from with a million other cameramen & women doing the same thing. So wanted something a little more exclusive. The water angle is it. Once your out there your nerves go into overdrive. You seriously need to trust your jet-ski driver. Dino Carmo is my man. Having being a professional bodyboarder and lived all his life at Nazare, Dino knows the Nazare line up like no other. Once your in the line up Dino puts you right deep inside where the moving mountains unload. He's incredibly focused and at all times constantly reassuring me that we are safe. It's so intense. Last season with the 25 days on the water this edit shows 14 minutes of my best vision.
I cant wait for my ninth season coming real soon. ENJOY!

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