Kandui Foundation Launches to Help Mentawai Locals With Education, Food, and Health Care

The Mentawai Islands are what surfers' dreams are made of.

But despite the modern comforts visitors find there today, locals still don't have access to health care, education, and proper nutrition.

Kandui Resort, the luxe surf camp by Rifles and Kandui Left, is trying to change that.

About a week ago, the Kandui Foundation was announced via the first post on its Instagram page.

According to it's lengthy caption:

"People still die from preventable diseases due to financial constraints, parents do not have the money to send their kids to school and skilled workers do not have the funds to start a business."

So Kandui Resort created the foundation to help visitors help the Mentawai people.

According to its website:

"The Kandui Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization that focuses on the local needs of the Mentawai Islands region of Southern Siberut."

The post says the foundation will focus on three programs it feels "will have the most impact in this area."

Those areas are:

Medical Assistance Program - The goal is any Mentawai person seeking medical treatment can receive treatment at no cost to them. The Kandui Foundation currently has helped pay for 3 Mentawaiians' medical treatment.

Education Scholarship Program - The goal is any Mentawai person seeking higher education can receive their education free of charge. The Kandui Foundation currently has 65 Mentawaiian born students in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Food Sustainability Program - The goal is to provide the land and financial means for a Mentawai person to farm the land and sell corresponding crops to a local market. The Kandui Foundation currently has sponsored 2 farmers in Siberut and Pei Pei Villages, Mentawai, Indonesia.

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