F1 Racer Lewis Hamilton Claims He Surfed '25-Foot' Pipeline with Kelly Slater

Formula One racer and international playboy, Lewis Hamilton, has been engaged in a not-so-stealthy dalliance with the surf world for a handful of years now.

Back in 2019, the knighted English racecar driver had a go at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch; in 2020, he hit up URBNSurf in Melbourne; and more recently, he and Makua Rothman had a session at Waco Surf in Texas.

But it appears that Hamilton’s flirtations with surfing don’t solely revolve around the wavepool variety; he’s also had a romp with the Queen herself, Pipeline.

Per a new interview with the Robb Report, a luxury lifestyle blog, Hamilton talked about the time he paddled out at Pipeline with Kelly Slater when it was, ahem, “25-foot.”

“Kelly was like, ‘there’s no way you’re going out there,’” he said. “And I was like, ‘Kelly, I’m going out.’”

Hamilton continued, recounting how he watched Kelly catch a wave:

“This thing was massive, a huge tunnel, and I could see Kelly coming right down it in front of me. And I just had to make sure I didn’t get sucked in. So, I dived down and grabbed the reef and prayed.

“I could hear the thing land behind me, like a bomb going off. My board got ripped off and snapped in half. I was very close to the end. But that excites me for some reason.”


By the sound of it, Hamilton probably paddled out on the shoulder of Pipe, the sandbar at Ehukai Beach Park. Still, not necessarily a safe zone when it’s big.

But 25 feet?

Maybe a bit of exaggeration there.

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