THE KANGS | Mick Fanning, Mason Ho & Gabriel Medina

The Search is back...

It’s not often a World Title contender goes on The Search mid-season. But, when Mick Fanning let Gabriel Medina know where he was heading with Mason Ho, it was too good for Gabby to pass up. Medina adjusted his plans, slid into the mission, and shifted gears to hunt some wild slabs in the wildly remote coasts of Australia. 

This was no luxury trip either. The crew stayed in vermin-infested cabins in the middle of nowhere and survived off two-minute noodles and sausages in bread for dinner. Medina ate nothing but cheese sandwiches for most meals. Mason Ho even woke up one morning to find his toothbrush had been totally devastated by rats. Despite these challenges, the surfers had an incredible time. It’s what The Search is all about.

“That was the stuff I dream of,” says Mason Ho about the trip. “I couldn’t believe, not one person around or out. Then surfing with those two guys, they’re not only surfing world champions, they’re like human world champions too.”

The Kangs takes you on The Search through a wide, open land…

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