RED 10 YEARS PROJECT | John John Florence

Video by John John Florence.

We bought our first RED camera ten years ago.  It was a Scarlet and we were working on a surf edit called DONE. Looking back now it's pretty cool to think how that decision and then meeting everyone at RED over the years helped shape all of our film projects moving forward. We're fortunate to have the chance to visit these amazing places around the world, and meet so many incredible people -- it's always been a fun challenge to try and capture those experiences and bring them to life in the best way possible. These cameras were a big part of keeping us inspired to do that. For what we do, spending a lot of the year on the road, and the way Erik shoots in general, whether it's a long session on the beach, or shooting from the water, there just isn't a better option.  Here's a look at some of our favorite clips and moments from the past decade.

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