Coldplay's Chris Martin surfs with his son in Ibiza

Chris Martin showed off some seriously impressive surfing skills as he took to the water during his summer getaway.

The Coldplay frontman, 46, has been soaking up the Spanish sun in Ibiza and he proved he’s certainly got that Higher Power (pun absolutely and unashamedly intended) with a very snazzy electric surfboard.

With a helmet on his head because, well, safety first, the musician had a look of concentration as he cruised across the waves.

Donning grey swim shorts, the Yellow hitmaker showed off his toned physique as he controlled the board with a remote in his hand and, well, appeared to defy gravity.

Although something tells us Chris won’t be giving up the day job just yet, as even the coolest stars take tumbles.

At one point, the award-winning songwriter came crashing down, but he remained in high spirits and laughed it off like the thrill seeker he is!


The Coldplay frontman defied gravity on his impressive gadget
(Picture: GTres/

Chris showed off his buff physique
(Picture: GTres/

Consider us impressed! (Picture: GTres/



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