“Better Than the WSL”: An Anti-Surf Contest Takes the Surfing Community by Storm as People Revel in the Novelty of Using Soft Boards

Surfing has long been associated with fierce competition, athleticism, and exhilaration. However, in recent times, a new wave of excitement has been crashing onto the shores of this sport, and it’s not your typical professional surf contest. Enter the Red Bull Foam Wreckers—an anti-surf contest event that’s turning the traditional competition on its head.

Open to surfers over the age of 16, this anti-contest is all about embracing the joy of the sport without the intense focus on technical mastery and using soft top boards. In stark contrast, the WSL orchestrates professional surf events on a global scale. These events pit elite surfers against each other in diverse categories, showcasing the pinnacle of skill and competition. At a recent anti surf contest in San Clement, the sports community was sent into a flurry by the event and some even compared it to WSL.

At the Red Bull Foam Wreckers Anti-Surf Contest in sunny San Clemente, specifically at T-Street, the “softer side of surfing” took center stage while professional surfers carved their way through challenging sets in Tahiti. Kids, adults, and notable figures like Kalani Robb and other pros who chose to embrace the laid-back atmosphere of the competition by riding soft top boards were all present at the event. The event’s goal was to deviate from the usual scene of fierce competition by bringing a vibrant atmosphere to the beach.

The mechanics of the event are both simple and refreshing. Before each heat, surfers spin the Wheel of Shred, an innovative concept that determines which Catch Surf soft-board model they will be riding. With 6-10 friends all on different soft-top boards, participants paddle out to stake their claim as the most “unique” soft-board surfer during the next 15 minutes. This approach challenges the norm of traditional competition, highlighting individuality and creativity as essential components. As the sun-soaked event unfolded, enthusiasts from various corners shared their thoughts about the spectacle.



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