Bali's longest wave in 4K

The majority of traveling Surfers surf in south Bali. It is easy to understand why: many great places to surf, favorable wind conditions, and plenty of places to stay, variety of food, and clubs to party at all night. 

Medewi is located in west Bali, a 2 hour drive up the coast. It is far from the fancy restaurants and nightlife but has an appeal south Bali lost decades ago. As you near Medewi the vibe changes. It is much greener, less crowded, and the local surfers might be the most friendly surfers on the island.  

The long left at Medewi has 2 take off spots. The outside allows you to get a couple of turns in, then there is a long flat section and on the inside, where the second take off spot is located, turns into a faster, down the line type wave. The left is a relaxing wave to surf for intermediate and advanced surfers and for beginners, a wave you can rapidly increase your skills. the wave is fun for Short-boarders and long-boarders  The winds are usually side-shore in the dry season so best to get your surf session in by 11am. Medewi breaks best on a high tide. Low tide pretty much shuts down the break. Ask locals where to paddle out and in at or fall victim to sea urchins located in-between the boulders lining the shoreline.   

While you are there, get a massage by the local women on the beach,  arguably the best massage in Bali. There's a fishing village located at the place were the wave ends. Bargain with the local fishermen for fresh caught fish and seafood, then have a local restaurant cook it up for you. 

This video was filmed on June 18th, 2023.


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