Unbelievable Moment Dolphins Surfing Waves in Western Australia

The coral coast of Western Australia is home to a vast array of marine life. From giant humpback whales on migration to the smallest of coral critters. With such diverse ecosystem it’s no surprise that large pods of dolphins are no strangers to this coast line. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, social and playful mammals. They have been known to ride bows and wakes of boats as well as waves. 

There’s a large pod of dolphins that often frequents a bay with a peeling left point in the middle of the coral coast. On the days when the swell is pumping these dolphins have been known to swing on a wave or two. They're comfortable taking off on waves as a large pod or even sharing a wave with their human wave riding counterparts. 

This video shows how they love to tear down the line, harnessing energy from the wave. They seamlessly weave between one another, project themselves into the air and kickout the waves with beautiful synchronicity and grace.


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