Just insane!! Nate "McNasty" Behl SCORE LORD

Two Questions We Get Asked on a Regular Basis:

1.  What's the Heaviest Wave in Indonesia?
2.  Who's the Best Surfer You've Seen in the Mentawai?

While everyone has an opinion these days, after almost 20 years in the Mentawai and Indonesia, the heaviest waves we've come across are Kandui Left, GreenBush and Desert Point Grower.  In regard to Best Surfer, of course Kelly, Andy, etc are top of the list but ask any of our local surfing crew, one name comes up every time without hesitation, Nate "McNasty" Behl.  Nate has what we call the perfect combination of Talent and Stupidity.  Talented enough to ride the heaviest surf in Indonesia and stupid enough to think any wave is makeable. The Result?  14 Minutes of the Heaviest Indonesian Edit we've come across.  Don't agree, feel free to drop your edit in the comments.  


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