Video by Dylan Graves
One of the funnest/longest rides I’ve ever had on a short board and it happened to have 7 identical twins.

Recently got to experience/ surf a tidal phenomenon in Indonesia known as the Bono to the locals or in the surf world as the “7 ghosts” cause of a unique feature known as “whelps” that occur in  undular tidal bores when a tidal wave front is followed by secondary waves known as whelps. In this case there are 7, hence the name “7 ghosts”. Working on a full edit and explanation of my experience interacting with this phenomenon. I plan to release as soon as I finish editing.

For now I have uploaded this ride in it’s entirety because I'm going to cut it down in the edit and it was one of the funnest and longest rides I've ever had, over 5 minutes of not 1 but 7 wedges! So I'm posting it here for the memory books. 

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