Surfer Attacked by Shark in Hawaii, Loses Right Foot

Mike Morita, 58, was surfing Kewalo Basin on Oahu Sunday morning when he was bitten by an eight-foot-long tiger shark.

The attack happened around 6:30am on April 9th. Fellow surfers in the lineup acted quickly, using their surfboard leashes as tourniquets to stall the bleeding. From there, emergency responders arrived on the scene, transporting Morita to the hospital. And now, word has surfaced that Morita has lost his right foot as a result of the attack.

Mike Morita poses for a photo from his hospital bed Monday. Morita credits his faith in God for
surviving an Easter Sunday shark attack and for remaining at peace despite losing his right foot.

Morita is a frequent surfer of this spot for about 40 years and is well-known in the community. Thanks to the help of the brave surfers, first responders, and staff at Queens Hospital, my dad can live another day with his family.

“Unfortunately, due to the severe injuries suffered from the attack, he lost his right foot. He is currently in the hospital and is awaiting a second surgery to be done later this week. His spirits are high and he has accepted his injury. He is embracing the challenges that he will face ahead and with God, his family, and his friends by his side he will remain positive and get through this.”

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