89-Year-Old Man Crowned ‘World’s Oldest Surfer

Japan’s Seiichi Sano wins Guinness World Record.

Well, Japan’s Seiichi Sano just got both. At 89 years old, he’s been honored with the Guinness World Record of the “oldest person to surf (male),” and subsequently was mentioned on SNL’s long-running satirical news series, “Weekend Update.”

Check out the announcement from Guinness World Records below, which includes footage of Seiichi surfing. (His signature move on a wave? Switch stance!)

(For clarification on his age: Seiichi was was "88 years and 288 days old when the record was verified on 8 July 2022...[he] was born in Hokkaido on 23 September 1933, meaning he'll celebrate his 90th birthday this year.")

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