Surfing For All Seasons | Forever Surfing Together as One (featuring Mike and Coco Ho)

Join the legendary father-daughter duo in the surfing world, Coco Ho and her father, Michael Ho as they ride the waves and inspire us all to chase our dreams, together.

Michael Ho, a world-renowned big wave surfer and former Pipeline Masters champion, passed on his passion for surfing to his daughter Coco, who has become one of the most accomplished female surfers in the world. Watch as Coco follows in the footsteps of her father, a surfing icon in his own right. From Hawaii's epic waves to beaches around the world, the Ho family's passion for surfing is truly awe-inspiring. As they share their insights, experiences, and stories from their surfing journey, you will feel inspired to push your own limits and pursue your dreams with relentless passion. So grab your board, hit the beach, and join us on this epic surfing adventure with Coco Ho and Michael Ho!

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