Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Watch This 18-Minute Film From John Florence

It wasn’t long ago that John Florence would hoard his best clips on a hard drive for two years before releasing a full-length banger film. The movies were incredible, but the wait between them was not.

These days Florence and filmer Erik Knutson are more liberal with their content. While they aren’t — and never will be — YouTube Vlogger’s, they drop a raw session here, a contest recap there, and occasionally a longer form mini-movie, like this one from Florence’s time in Australia in April and May last year. And we eat it all up. Who doesn’t want to watch every morsel of content from the best surfer in the world?

"We try to always improve with what we are shooting, and how it's put together when we document our travels. We have been trying to put a lot into these short film projects on the road and we're excited to keep pushing them further.  Australia is so wide open, with a lot of variety in the landscapes. It makes it easy for us to wake up inspired to shoot every day."

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