BEST DAY EVER?? Cliffs of Moher / St Patrick's Day

Video by Cliffs of Hope.

Amazing springtime surf days at the Cliffs of Moher and in Lahinch Bay. This was an incredible 5 days of swell. Tuesday & Wednesday were out of control giant at the Cliffs so we went and surfed in Lahinch Bay. A few hardy souls braved the Cliffs of Moher, but the tide was deep and it was so giant. A few waves were caught. The charts started to line up for an epic day for Friday and the tides started to get a bit bigger which is what is needed to paddle into Aileens. It was a day to remember. Stuart & I started filming for 30minutes, then we met DIEGO who was tired from swimming in the impact zone, so we asked Diego to team up (Stu drive & Diego film from the back of the Ski). It worked out well, thank GOD. 
TAZ & RUSSELL surfed so good, it was so critical. 

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