Was this the last big wave event for Keala Kennelly's? #EddieAikau #wipeout

Hawaiian Keala Kennelly has made history by breaking down barriers for women throughout her career. At the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, the big rider was again the protagonist, being one of the six women who participated for the first time in what is one of the most prestigious events in surfing.

Kennelly managed to catch three waves in the event, but the moment that caught the most attention was her elimination, which was the biggest in the championship.

Days after the race, Kennelly posted a social media post that hinted that Eddie might have said goodbye to the competitive world.

"I dared and I learned", wrote the Internet user, specifying that participating in this championship was "a unique opportunity". The athlete explains that she was not in her best shape, as she was "recovering from injuries and surgery".

Despite the "lack of confidence", he pushed forward, gave "everything he had" and threw himself into it. The athlete specifies that, of the three waves she surfed, two were after the wipeout.

"Yes, I went back outside after this beating," he says.

Kennelly ends the post by thanking him for the support he has received over the past few days, adding, "This may be the last time I play, my body can't take it anymore."

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