The first victim in Nazaré | Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire died

Veteran Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire died on Thursday while practising tow-in surfing on the giant waves in Nazaré on the central coast of Portugal, the local maritime authority said.

Support staff on jet-skis managed to get the 47-year-old to the beach, but all attempts to revive him failed.

The commander of the Captaincy of Nazaré, Mário Lopes Figueiredo, described Freire as "an experienced surfer who fell while surfing."

"Unfortunately, none of the life support maneuvers were successful, and death was eventually declared on the spot," Figueiredo.

The alert for the water accident was given at 4:16 pm.

Freire was one of the three Brazilian surfers who became known as the “Mad Dogs” after conquering the giant wave “Jaws” in Hawaii. They featured in the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs.

Tributes from other surfers poured in on Instagram.

“He surfed all day with a big smile on his face. That’s how I’ll keep him in my memory. Legend,” posted fellow big wave surfer Nic von Rupp.

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