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Jorge Leal aka Polvo is a Photographer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Director based in Nazaré, Portugal. Jorge's passion for the ocean and continued pursuit of knowledge brought him to Nazaré. He took part in the first big wave project in Nazaré with Garrett Mcnamara and made 3 documentaries with the North Canyon Project which put the Nazaré on the world map.

Now he needs help because on October 26, 2022 the unthinkable happened to Leal and he suffered a stroke. He is now in a specialized clinic in Vigo -Hospital Vithas Nuestra Senora de Fatima / IRENEA - Instituto de Rehabilitación Neurológica. He was mostly conscious, scared and trapped inside himself. Today he knows that he has to teach his body to move, adjust the sound to the words, and harmonize the gestures that his body wants to repeat. Every day he takes a step towards himself and the only fatality he accepts is to return to him. The support we request from you is to help the medical expenses of the various medical professionals who work 24 hours a day on the recovery of his physical condition and neurological rehabilitation. The monthly amount is quite high (about 15,000€/month) in a process that could take up to 12 months in hospital. He needs you to rewrite the fate that the medical teams are tracing, from draft to draft, as he amends their certainties and corrects their predictions, with his daily struggle.

To support part of these expenses, the family and some friends created the HERE fundraising campaign so that you continue to receive the best support possible.

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