Homemade a surfboard and tried to catch huge waves.

The biggest swell in 15 years just hit California. I found this neglected Bing Copeland longboard on offer up for $10. It was so far gone I almost used it for scrap foam, but then I had an idea. What if I reshaped the original board into a specific shape for catching big waves? 

I documented the whole process and finished the board the night before the historic waves arrived. 

0:00 Original board, showing damage 0:58 Removing old fiberglass 2:15 Restoring the foam blank part 1 3:30 Shaping the new board 6:50 Restoring the foam blank part 2 8:30 Painting 9:48 Glassing (laminating) 13:26 Installing fin boxes 14:20 Hot coat and sanding 15:20 Gloss coat 15:40 Leash plug installation 17:46 Final sanding 18:30 Wax, leash, fins 19:42 SURFING

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