GLASSING a high performance SURFBOARD. Start to Finish time lapse

Glassing a high performance surfboard. A start to finish time lapse of the glassing process on this shortboard. With some surfing footage of the first ride.

Dimensions 5'10 x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16

This board blank was gifted to me as payment for some repairs I had completed for a local CNC surfboard shaper. Unfortunately it was a bit small for myself but it seemed to be the perfect dimensions for my mate Sammy.
Whenever I get the option I like to mix things up and try out new ideas. Luckily Sammy was also keen for some colour to spice up what is essentially a pretty standard shortboard.

The surfing footage is from a fairly wonky little day we had here in Margaret River, Western Australia. Sammy's first ride and by all accounts it did what it was made for.

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