VAN CONVERSION Timelapse - Full Fiat Ducato Van Build | Minimalist interior design

After 200 hours of work, my third DIY camper van is finally finished! 😍

This is the whole Fiat Ducato L1H2 van conversion in just one video! 
Btw. that's the same car like the Citroen Jumper and the Peugeot Boxer.
This small campervan is under 5 meters long!
Enjoy watching the full van conversion timelapse!

We started from an empty transporter. We wanted to build a tiny campervan that you can live in full time and at the same time looks better than all the ready made "premium" camping cars.

We've installed a huge sky light, four solar panels for our 12V battery system, a LiFePo4 battery, a fridge, a Induction hob, a camping toilet and a 80l fresh water tank for showering, washing dishes and even drinking thanks to water filters. Also, there's a roof top terrace, an extendable bed and an extendable table and tons of storage! Well, and a parking heater and a pull out faucet to take a shower outside ... :D

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