Opening Day Nelscott Reef / November 14, 2022

After weeks of rain and storm, the PNW Ocean Safety Summit kicked off for the first time ever with perfect sunny and clean swell conditions.  PNW Directors, Eric Akiskalian and Ollie Richardson, along with guest presenters, Richard Hallman, Jason Murray, Matt LeDoux, and Chuck Patterson were teaching participants how to apply Risk Assessment and Risk Management in a high surf scenario for a two-day ocean safety summit.

The following day, after the summit, a solid ground swell hit Nelscott Reef and opening day was on for Eric Akiskalian, Ollie Richardson, and Chuck Patterson. It was sunny and glassy and the wave heights were in the 25'-30' range, which made for an epic day of big wave brotherhood and great waves. 

While the waves were firing on the reed, the beachbreak was going off too! Jordy Collins and Kieran Anderson slaughtered some of the biggest barrels the PNW had to offer on this day. 

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