Mavericks 11/25/22

Friday the day after Thanksgiving Mavericks was 13’ at 16 seconds.  It was a very deep tide in the morning and a drained out low tide through sunset, very light wind with a calm surface.   Wave of the day caught by Greg Long came early and big slabs kept coming as the tide bottomed out.  Greg Long, Pete Mel, Grant Washburn, Bianca Valenti, Michael Joshua, Willem Banks, Hunter Murison, Jojo Roper, Luca Padua tons of locals and a historic ride by 16 year old Zoe Chait on her 1st Mavericks Wave. Congratulations! Go Zoe!  

This is a collaborative edit with POWERLINES PRODUCTIONS and I am very grateful and stoked to work with such epic footage. Thank you. Please go to the POWERLINES PRODUCTIONS Youtube Channel and click subscribe. 
Special thanks to Eric Nelson for your knowledge, voice and shots from the cliff.

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