How To Convert a Small Car into a Micro Camper

Video by Wilderhope Adventures.
I have road-tripped and lived in, or out of, trucks, SUVs, RVs and now a Ford Fiesta. She isn't bigger than a standard 4-door Fiesta but she does have some unique innovations inside that mean I can camp out of her and sleep comfortably in her when I take a multi-night road-trip in the UK.
See how I make this conversion work for me (someone shortish) and still live comfortably for days on the road. Life has to be simple and stuff has to be minimalistic...and this has been a much requested video in people asking how I make it work.

So this video is how I use my Ford Fiesta as a micro-camper, comfortably, with me and two 30lb border collies. And yes, we all sleep well.

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