THE KELLY SLATER STORY! Greatest Surfer of all time and scratch golfer!!


11 x world champion surfer and arguably the greatest athlete of all time. 

These days, Kelly Slater plays golf almost as often as he surfs. The near-scratch handicapper and world champion surfer chatted with Iona Stephens during a recent round at Kingsbarns in Scotland.

Slater and Stephens tirelessly shove a couple of chunky golf buggies around Kingsbarns while chatting about surfing, childhood and the mechanics of the golf swing.

Like with all celebrity golfers, the obvious question comparing golf and “insert your career here” surfaces, but it’s a fun watch particularly when Slater talks about how he got into golf and growing up in a broken home.

A man who has rewritten the possibilities of human achievement. A true example of dedication, determination and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and supreme professionalism. 

Kelly took time to play 18 holes with Iona at Kingsbarns. 

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