Nazare BOMBS we Love - Part 2

Tim Bonython - So here we go into Part 2 of those two big, big days documenting Nazare monster waves from the water. 
This second day was guaranteed to deliver some very big waves and it didn’t disappoint. With the swell peaking over night we knew it would be game on as soon as we got out there.
All up the biggest wave of the day came when most went in. 
For us we don’t go in until the show is well and truely over. 
Only Justine Dupont & Nic Von Rupp stayed out as Nic wasn’t happy until he got what he wanted. What came in on first peak just after lunch was exactly what he was looking for.
For me i got to film the biggest wave surfed from the line up. 
Also featuring on the day was world record holder for riding the biggest wave Sebastian Steudtner plus Pedro Scooby, Lucas Chumbo & Tony Laureano.

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