Dylan Graves on a wave in Brisbane, Australia

Video by Dylan Graves.
"Hey Mate, I've got a wave for ya. It's in Brisbane, Australia"
That's how this adventure began when I received that message along with a video from Fraser Spratt via social media. (As you will see in the edit) Fraser's video was of a fun looking wave that breaks off of a passenger ferry that leaves from a town called Cleveland on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia and takes people to North Stradbrook island. As I made plans with Fraser to go surf this wave, I had heard about Bede Durbidge (pro surfer) surfing it 20 years prior... which gave me SOME confidence after the first person I talked to about the wave near the ferry dock told me there was sharks EVERYWHERE, no biggie. THIS is the video I made of the whole experience :) Hope you like it!

Surfers: Fraser Spratt, Bede Durbidge, Robbie Rickard and myself

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