"BABY STEVE A DIFFERENT BREED" Steve Roberson (12 years old) talks about his experience tow-in surfing during the biggest swell in the past ten years at Kapukaulua Point, Pe'ahi aka "Jaws".
January 16th 2021 "Ben Aipa XXL Swell" 

The whole session went down in the history books with all the Maui Crew/Surfers getting some of the best biggest waves they have ever ridden. Everyone returned safely home back to their families and friends which is one of the most important things about these Extra Extra Large Days. 
Safety First !

The content in this edit was shot over four different days showing the dedication and passion this young talented kid has for big wave surfing at Pe'ahi. Steve is now officially a teenager and just had a birthday recently. Happy 13th Birthday "Baby Steve" you are now "Big Boy Steven" ! Incredible Surfing !

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