Dean "Dingo" Morrison & friends surfing in Mad Max Pool

Video by Dylan Graves

I twisted Dean "Dingo" Morrison's arm to get me into the Surf Lakes Wave Pool in Yeppoon. Yes, THAT Mad Max pool that you've probably seen clips of. The pool up in Yeppoon is a test facility and isn't open to the public. This was my experience behind the gates :) 

I did the edit, music, gfx...
Been having a ball messing around with these little vids and not trying to put any pressure on "building a following" or views or anything. Just having fun creating :) Looking at it as therapy and having something to show my mom when it's done. 

Old Pete
Jocelyn Neumueller
Garret Parkes 
Jesse Faen
Ziggy Mackenzie
Tyler Boyce
Ben Player

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