Twenty Foot Plus, a new series on Surfline, which will showcase the best of big waves, surfers, and stories behind all the madness

The Twenty Foot Plus; a new series brought to you by Surfline, Red Bull Surfing, and Heavy Water Surf. Twenty Foot Plus will chronicle the world’s best big-wave surfers in the heaviest waves on Earth. And on the very best days, we will broadcast the action live, from multiple angles, in ways guaranteed to take it all next level.
#TwentyFootPlus will offer a fresh look into the lives of the big-wave crew, tracking their movements as they chase XXL waves worldwide.

With the world’s best big wave riders, cutting-edge forecasting and the latest in live-streaming tech, 
we bring you into the lineup during the biggest days at the world’s heaviest waves.

It’s September, which means we’re actively watching all basins around the world. A late-season Southern Pacific swell could send Tahiti into overdrive, while it’s not too early for the North Pacific to start getting active. Stay tuned.

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