DEEP IN Historic swell at Nazaré with Pierre Rollet

DEEP IN Nazaré, Belharra, Jaws... Our rider Pierre Rollet surfs the biggest waves on the planet. Following the release of his film LE CERCLE last year, Pierre has decided to create his own web series to share his daily life as a big wave rider like no other. Juggling his roles as a young father and the head of his surf school Naturéo, Pierrot chases the biggest swells every winter.
Through memorable sessions, laughs, training in the great outdoors, as well as wipe-outs, injuries and travel hassles, dive into the life of one of the most gifted big wave surfers of his generation! 

It’s a strong start, with the first episode filmed in Nazaré in massive conditions! DEEP IN historic swell at Nazaré!

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