The PERFECT Surf Warm Up | 5 Easy Movements

Kale Brock "Are you that surfer who calmly watches the waves as you take time to fully prepare your body for the upcoming intensity? Or are you, like me, that frother who ditches his board against the sand, rips open the leggy and barely even thinks about warming up before hitting the line up?

Maybe there's a reason I've been injured a bit in the last cutla' years.

Recently, I've been trying to take my pre-hab and body prep a lot more seriously because, if it's something I ask my students to do, then it's something I need to be willing to do. I see many clients who are being held back significantly by their lack of mobility, stability and confidence in their bodies, so I asked my good friend Nic Laidlaw, surfer and movement coach, to write a program for me."

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