OCEAN CLIMATE ACTION | A new course series from Green School Bali and Parley⁠

OCEAN CLIMATE ACTION - a new course series from Green School Bali and Parley⁠.

To face today’s environmental crises, we need to work together as a connected system of individual creators, thinkers and leaders. Everyone has something to contribute. How do you find your role, and own it to effect change?⁠

Green School Bali x Parley share a common belief that a better future is possible through education that empowers and challenges individuals to become creative change-makers.⁠

In our collaborative, self-paced course series, you’ll hear directly from Green School teachers and students, and gain the tools and inspiration to question, think and act. In videos, readings and journal reflections, you’ll learn to confront climate denial, challenge linear economic systems, help tackle plastic pollution and make a positive impact in your community and world. Lessons are designed to help you connect more deeply to the oceans and, most crucially, to yourself.⁠

Discover your superpowers and dive in at the Ed.Parley

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