May 2022 Swell at BOWLS

Video by Mark Takamura. 

Merrill, JRamos with the Commentary, Travis, JOB, Logan, Kainen, Rilez, Kui, LJ, Kyle, 808 Offroader, Connor, Jarvis, Grom14, Ted, Shane, Logz, Kawika, Mana, Sowen, Shayden, Dtri, Jesse, Brad, Chad, Tannaciousboi, forgetting so many, will finally watch once my eyes recover from editing.

First time shooting in SLOG so bear with me. Sorry about the autofocus and audio, this one man band needs more hands. Fighting thunderstorm winds, rain, and near focus splash was a challenge, but definitely a learning experience. Coming up next episode is some of the most epic Point Panic I have ever seen.

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