This season has been mind-blowing, Huge swell after Huge swell, some crazy rides have been ridden... In this episode, I take you thru the season, to those waves that I think are some of the best this year that might be considered record breaking. I also express myself on the defaults of what in my perspective is wrong when it comes down to measuring waves, as every year as soon as the Nazaré Season finish you see claims of record breaking waves being ridden. 

Is this the year we will see a new world record?

Filmed by Ricardo Pina

Edited by Ricardo Pina Carmo Raposo

Additional Footage: Gastão Entrudo, Maquina Voadora, Ian Tavares, Laurent Pujol, Nuno Dias, Carlos Moriongol
Paul Taublieb, Pedro Correia, Mendo Dornellas, Kenny Kemp
Pedro Motas

Photo by Margarita Salyak

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