Surfing lost a legend

The San Clemente surfer Joe Crimo, whose skate tech on waves was roughly twenty-five years ahead of the curve, has died suddenly, 47 aged.

Joe Crimo lived in the fast lane. By that I mean he did copious amounts of speed, until his eyes bled and his face ran blue with tattoo ink.

He was also ten years ahead of his time when it came to aerials, pioneering many of the board tricks that have become a staple of high profile stars like Chippa Wilson, Julian Wilson and Dane Reynolds today.

Crimo could do magic on his skateboard then he would do the same stuff on the water!  Minds were blown!  Much love to his family and close friends.  Surfing lost a legend today Crimo will be missed and remembered.  He's prob already surfing with AI and Barney Barron and Browny trading waves and smiles up above.  

Rest In Peace Joe Crimo

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