Surfer is attacked in Mexico after line-up “invasion”

The search for more clicks and views has led many content creators to put themselves in increasingly unusual (and also controversial) situations.

Californian Jacob Szekely is a classic example of a surfing content creator.

Recently on a trip to Mexico Jacob and his friends suffered several days of flat sea.

It was then that they had the idea of falling on a peak of small waves and with very bad formation, however, next to a perfect rock for execution of acid drops that could yield good images.

However, the spot was packed with surfers, mostly beginners, and a few locals.

Annoyed with the situation, a local decided to join Szekely's wave, precisely the one he managed to complete the maneuver, and went on top of the American, throwing some punches.

Although nothing justifies an aggression of this nature, Zeke preferred the path of conciliation and, without reacting, apologized for the attitude.

Both surfers resolved the situation and Zeke continued surfing, but without acid drops.


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