Post-Contest Barrel Fest For WSL Pros - Peniche, Portugal

The pros who stayed in Peniche must have been happy they did, after scoring a few sessions at this perfect right on one of the nearby beach breaks.

This place fired for two days straight only a few days after the contest ended. The WSL definitely missed an opportunity to run the finals in epic conditions - if they still had the option of going mobile? 

Timestamps for all of the surfers below:

0:00 - Kolohe Andino 0:38 - Jesse Mendes 1:10 - Leonardo Fioravanti 1:31 - Unknown 1:53 - Leonardo Fioravanti 2:06 - Unknown 2:23 - Roby Damico 2:44 - Ethan Ewing 3:41 - Leonardo Fioravanti 4:24 - Ethan Ewing 5:01 - Morgan Cibilic

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