New Zealand surfer tragically dies at age 35


The loss of loved ones, friends and respected colleagues through illness, age or accident can be extremely difficult to bear, when you lose someone doing what they do best it can be a real kick in the guts, and Saturday was exactly what happened to one of New Zealand's most respected surfers.
Jamie Civil, who died while surfing Dunedin’s Aramoana Spit. Jamie was hands down one of the most respected barrel riders in the country, often referred to as “The most barrelled man in NZ”. With 6-8 foot barrels on offer Jamie was free surfing and had just ridden a wave and was paddling back out when bystanders noticed his board was floating and rushed out to his assistance but all attempts to revive Jamie were unsuccessful. Our love and strength go out to Jamies family, loved ones and friends.
Jamie was a huge part of the Dunedin surf scene and a passionate member of the South Coast Boardriders Club who have set up the following “Give A Little” to help assist Jamie’s family with funeral and costs associated with losing their “Rock”.
South Coast Boardriders would like to share the following:
Jamie Civil: Help Support His Young Family
The New Zealand Surfing community lost one of its most respected surfers on Saturday, March 26, 2022 when Jamie Civil drowned while surfing huge waves at Aramoana. These were the conditions he lived for, was talented and experienced with and thrived in, making the tragedy so much harder for all of us to process. Jamie’s partner Courtney and their baby daughter Lenni were at the beach when the incident happened. Jamie loved them both dearly. They had become a perfect part of his world and he loved the beautiful life they created and were building for their future.
Help support Jamie’s partner Courtney and their baby girl Lenni while they adjust to the sudden shock of life without their rock and loved one.
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The money raised will be used to support Courtney and Lenni with tangi/funeral costs and living costs to support them as they adjust to life without their partner and Dad.

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