Massive Monsters

Video by Tim Bonython | SURFING VISIONS.

So in this edit we feature my second home Nazare in Portugal. The home of the worlds largest ridable wave. Nazare is one of those places that you expect to see plenty of that kind of thing. 'Big Massive Monsters' as Pato Teixeira says. 

This film is really a short documentary rather than a short clip. 

I wanted to present a full wrap up of this historic day. Interviews before and after to really paint the story of how it was expected and and how it all went down. 

On every big swell event there, if the storm is big enough and coming from the right direction and arrives with the right winds & weather there's a possible chance of riding the biggest wave ever ridden. Most of these surfing gladiators are after this moment. 

A Guinness World Record is as good as World Title and to get it is for some is the pinnacle of the sport. 

Since i recorded this vision a number of World Records have been suggested. 

Nazare is really the ultimate test of man/women riding beast. It's the preparation, it's the timing, it's the team, it's the beat downs and with a bit of luck it's the adulation of riding the biggest wave of your life. 

Leave a comment if can and let me know who you think rides the biggest wave.

This film shows this. Enjoy...

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