Chasing the 100 Foot Wave - Biggest Swell of 2022

Video by JacuzziSurfer.
Nazare scored the biggest swell of 2022!  On February 25, 2022 EVERYONE was out chasing these bombs!  The days leading up to this swell was really exciting, as the swell-guessers' charts were all holding relatively well.  The day came and the coastline was lit up like a Christmas tree!  Lucas Chumbo, Nic Von Rupp, Toby Cunningham, Maya Gabeira, Rafael Tapia, and many more were charging this swell!  Everyone going after the elusive 100 foot wave, hopefully we'll all see one someday soon! For now we'll have to settle for 60-70 foot waves this season.  Unfortunately, Garret McNamara was home in Hawaii, and Kai Lenny was getting married, hopefully we'll see these legends at the next big swell.  So many wipeouts, close calls and GIANT BOMBS out there today!

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