Surfing In Icy Waters

Video by Miha Moroz.

"Photos and videos were scattered over the Internet ... This blew up both the local population and the Russian guys who were interested in snowboarding, surfing, skating ...

We hit our first video in 2011. The roof of the people was simply torn off, starting from acquaintances and friends, ending with Russian and foreign media ...

Everyone was shocked that some Russian guy was surfing in Kamchatka in winter. For 5 years, journalists have been constantly coming, filming materials and writing a lot about winter surfing in Kamchatka…

Naturally, I connected my surfer friends, a gang got together and we regularly (3 times a week) went skating in the winter. It was harsh: very often we walked, not everyone had jeeps, the road was covered, we changed clothes on the street ...

But we became an example that surfing is real in winter, other regions picked up this idea and started surfing."


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