Pirates stole Instagram account of French photographer Romuald Pliquet

During Nazare's XXXL swell a couple weeks back, French photographer Romuald Pliquet jetted into Portugal to document the session for MSW. But after a hard day on the tools, Romu's Instagram account got taken over, locked and held to ransom via a string of whatsapp messages from a scam ring.

An account with almost 16k people connected to it – representing years and tens of thousands of hours of AAA surf photography, lost to pirates in a moment. “They do this to 100 accounts a day,” Romuald said he was told via a message from the perpetrators, who demanded $1,600 for the account's return.

On his Facebook account he tells how sad he is about the situation.


Anyway, he's started a new account (HERE

We will help you on your Instagram account!!

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