Michael February, Alex Knost and Lee Ann Curren explore West Africa

Volume 2 of Sonic Souvenirs, a series focused on the intersection of surf, art and culture told through the lens of one of the world’s most stylish surfers, Mikey February.

IIn the second installment of this exploration, Sonic Souvenirs: Cot├¬ di’Ivoire, Mikey is joined by Vans’ LeeAnn Curren and Alex Knost along the Ivory Coast of Africa. Through their travels, they are embedded in the origins of many regions’ cultures, spotlighting a variety of musical styles, instruments, dance, and deep-rooted traditions around creative expression. Nestled in smaller, niche communities, like the Hibiscus Coast, each region has its own ideas and interpretation of surfing, independent of existing perceptions or definitions.

Video by Vans 

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