Kanoa Igarashi on a Beyond the Lines Short

In 2021 Japanese superstar Kanoa Igarashi came back hungrier than ever in pursuit of his maiden WSL Championship Tour title. Beyond The Lines takes us behind the scenes on Kanoa’s journey.
Kanoa Igarashi is the quintessential global citizen. Japanese, but having grown up in Huntington Beach, California, these days Kanoa spends as much time living in Portugal as he does anywhere else on earth. He speaks four languages (and counting), and since claiming a maiden WSL Championship Tour victory in Bali in 2019 the natural footer's star has shot into the stratosphere. 
His success in Indonesia couldn't have been timed better; along with close friend, travel partner and videographer Tanner Carney, Kanoa had just started filming an unnamed, fly on the wall look at his life on the road. As he hoisted the trophy over Balinese black sand Beyond The Lines was born, with an opening episode that couldn't have been better scripted. 
As we all know too well things went a little awry in 2020, and after an entertaining opening series Beyond The Lines, much like the world itself, was momentarily paused. A year later and although not yet smooth sailing, the world slowly started to right itself. The WSL pulled together a slimmed down version of the Championship Tour and the 2020 Games were held in Tokyo, which for hometown hero Kanoa was the greatest opportunity yet to put his name up in lights. 
Our man Tanner tagged along for the ride once again, from the season opener at Pipeline in Hawaii on to Australia and through Mexico and the US, all via Japan and the Tokyo Games. To say the result is entertaining would be selling the 40-minute edit short, Kanoa's trust in Tanner is on full display as he puts himself out there and lets his friend do the rest.
Don't just take out word for it though, please hit play and join us in an extended study into the rollercoaster life of an elite athlete at the top of the game, fighting for success in an unpredictable word. We love it, and hope you do too. Enjoy.

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