These were the 10 biggest waves of the last giant swell in Nazare! After a day of action, the best waves can be seen here from a cinematic angle. Although this is not all that happened, there were VERY strong wipeouts, epic rescues and waves of all kinds on one of the most classic days in Praia do Norte.

01:Surfer: Tony Laureano Pilot: Ramon Laureano

02:Surfer: Michelle des Bouillons Pilot: Lucas Chumbo

03: Surfer: Lucas Chumbo Pilot: Ian Cosenza

04:Surfer: Gabriel Sampaio Pilot: Jose Carlos Molestina

05:Surfer: Ian Cosenza Pilot: Lucas Chumbo

06:Surfer: Justine Dupont Pilot: Fred David

07:Surfer: Nic Von Rupp Pilot: Pedro Scooby

08:Surfer: Lucas Chumbo Pilot: Ian Cosenza

09:Surfer: Pedro Scooby Pilot: Nic Von Rupp

10: Surfista: Lucas Chumbo Piloto: Ian Cosenza

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