Kelly Slater in New Smyrna Beach, FL January 5, 2022

Video by Sam Scribner

Since I was nine years old I've known who Kelly was, so needless to say it was pretty crazy to be up on the boardwalk and watch him pull up in front of me. He got out, casual as could be and began giving golf pointers to Evan Gieselman. Shortly after, the two stretched and went out for a surf. My camera battery was dwindling, but I was able to get most of his session in. I posted a little clip on Instagram and he responded saying that he hadn't been on a board in five weeks. Glad to see you're back in the water Kelly, and I hope all is well! 

Obviously everyone wants to watch Kelly, however this video has quite a few extremely talented people surfing as well. I want to extend a huge shout out to all of the great people I've been able to meet on the beach lately. You guys coming up and showing love for what I do really means the world. Share the videos if you can, the dream is to get paid to do this stuff. Let's see what we can get this YouTube algorithm to do!

Slater starts at7:14

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